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Kingcats has more than 10 years of experience in the construction industry. Our technology and production centre ensures quality and top standards, while constant improvements in skills, products, and technological lines all add up to making top quality products.

We care about ecology - the galvanizing plant works in a waste-free system

At the hot dip galvanizing and powder coating plants, steel gates obtain durability and aesthetics. The surface double coating (system DUPLEX) provides high level of protection and guarantees long-term use of the product.

In our modern and ecologic powder coating plant the entire process is controlled by computers, so all the technical and temperature parameters are precisely kept. Multifunctional element carrying system ensures continuous work of the line. Thus the process is cost saving and the line effectiveness is optimised.

The durability of a powder coated element is obtained due to two coats: phosphate and monosilane, which increase the adhesiveness of the third coat – the proper powder coat. Polyester facade paints of highest quality fulfil the requirements of QUALICOAT and GSB European norms. This technology allows obtaining perfect protective and decorational effects.

In the process of hot dip galvanizing a layer protecting steel from corrosion arises on the steel surface. The entire product is deepened in melted zinc alloy (450° C) which reaches even hard to reach areas, and exclusive alloy of zinc with nickel and bismuth called “technigalva Plus” provides high quality zinc layer. At the same time we care about ecology - the galvanizing plant works in a waste-free system.
DUPLEX System guarantees long-term use of the product.

The manufacturing of high quality products

The greatest part of elements arises in our own design office and assisting departments.

The manufacturing of high quality products requires application of innovative technologies: production automation assures repetition and preciseness; effective processes guarantee competitive prices; the best raw materials contribute to the production of top quality goods.

Thus we retain entire control of the product.

Modern, computerized technological line.

Welded mesh panels are manufactured in a modern, fully automated and monitored production process. The manufacturing technology includes the drawing of wire delivered from the ironworks, thus the wire of exactly stated parameters is obtained. The innovative system of interoperational transport of welded meshes optimises and improves the entire process of production.

A modern, computerized technological line ensures continious production of panels for sectional doors. The high quality components and a special system, monitoring the line operation, guarantee highest quality of panels. At the same time we do not forget about ecology: CFC-free polyurethane foam is used for production.



Expertise, experience, and skills of our employees are correlated to an effective application of modern technologies.

This is what makes our company always grow, improve products technological functionality, and adjust to standards and norms.

Hundreds of companies in Poland and abroad have already benefited from our services. We understand the needs of our Clients and Partners. We support them with our knowledge and experience, and offer top quality products and effective advantageous solutions
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