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Stock Fencing for Farming and forestry

Stockfences respecting nature and environment: Nature protection is our concern as well as yours. Because we are historically known for agriculture and wildlife fencing protection system, we are convinced that you’ll recognize the product made for you, in this bellow list of references. Look to the associated product, his technical properties: knot type, aperture, straightness, and consult our wholesaler network to find the closest from your place.

International references [please note all of these products may not be available in your country]

Farm entrances, farmhouses, fields… fences and gates find wide application on farms to provide protection and keep animals in. They are also used to control the access of lorries and other authorised vehicles and people and prevent any unauthorised access.

Chainlink fencing system retains its shape and is at the same time elastic. It consists of a woven wire diamond pattern mesh which ensures a flexible installation.

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