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Fences for long distances: Infrastructure & transport

Great distance and fences for infrastructure: highways, trains railways, borders. All these long distances need to be installed and secured very quickly for the efficient cost of installation. The security level can be different depending on the traffic you need to secure or delimitate. Thanks to our application areas’ references, check out the most appropriate fence for your project. Do not hesitate to consult us about your project. We’ll be glad to study with the most accurate products.

Infrastructure and Transport

Area protection products are necessary for protecting users of railways, airports, ports, and roads, as well as members of the general public who can otherwise gain access to potentially dangerous areas. Many railways and motorways pass through rural areas where it is also necessary to limit the access of animals.

International references [please note all of these products may not be available in your country]

Terminal buildings, airport parking lots, runways… Airports have very special security needs. Effective security fencing for the infrastructure in terminals and airports is also a necessity.

Passenger terminals, freight terminals, shipyards… Piers and ports have a very special need for security and area protection.

Motorways, public roads, bridges, private roads… The road network has a very specific need for area protection. There is a very big demand for effective area protection in order to prevent the general public and animals from gaining access to the roads. Approx. 40,000 traffic accidents involving wild animals occur in Sweden every year.

Train stations, station car parks, railway tracks, railway bridges…The transport sector has a very special need for security. Effective security fencing for freight terminals is also a necessity.

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