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Welcome to the world of KINGCATS fencing

KINGCATS fencing is the finishing touch that gives you a sense of security and peace of mind. Discovering the preferences and requirements of our customers has led us to create dozens of designs that easily fit into traditional and modern buildings. A well thought-out system of gates for people and vehicles will provide good access control for your property. Move up to a new level in prestigious, functional and durable fencing systems. Move up to KINGCATS.


KINGCATS fences suit any property, with total system solutions for gates, wickets and posts, as well as many other options to suit any property type. Perfectly matched components mean more than quick and easy installation, they also ensure the design is consistent throughout. KINGCATS fencing provides you with the functionality and security you need, while the wide range of available designs and finishes gives your property unique character.


The main factor determining functional and reliable access to any property is a properly selected gate.
Depending on the features of a property, you can choose between a traditional, double-leaf gate, and a more practical sliding gate. The cantilevered design of a sliding gate provides smooth operation under any conditions, making it the synonym of reliability. For the sake of safety and convenience, the gate drive mechanism is concealed in a post that is integrated into the design. This unique feature ensures that only key-holders have access to the control; moreover, the post protects the mechanism against the adverse effects of the weather.

The automatic gate has a flashing light and a cut-out switch; it can also be equipped with photocells and security strip. Gates meet stringent safety standards, which is confirmed by a CE mark.


Steel is a very durable material much used in the construction industry. We rely on the physical, mechanical and technological properties of a high-grade steel, which is why our fence components are characterised by high stability and strength.

Only a well-secured fence gives you lasting peace of mind, especially one that needs little in the way of maintenance. We produce KINGCATS fences from tough and durable steel, then secure them against corrosion by hot dip galvanising followed by powder coating. Because the DUPLEX system galvanising and coating is done on a processing line created specifically for KINGCATS fencing, the process can be monitored at every stage to ensure the highest possible quality. We acknowledge this by giving a ten-year anti-corrosion warranty for our steel fencing components.
KINGCATS fencing is based on the use of the best materials and modern production techniques, enabling us to achieve good repeatability and high-quality products. For the design process, we use the finite element method (FEM), which predicts how the product will function under many different conditions. Precision components are assured by the use of automated lasers, binding machines, and the eye of a craftsman. Because many elements are assembled using traditional methods, we have to produce the highest quality welds through the use of innovative welding technology. For us, creating fences is an art.



A well-thought-out and professionally designed fencing system is essential to ensure ease of use. Therefore, it is important that all utility elements are incorporated into the design, including: vehicle gate, wicket, fencing segments and even the letter box.

The creation of the optimal solution is supported by our groundbreaking software, AW Expert, a unique application to aid in the design of fences. This tool enables the operator to generate and cost out a design within a few minutes. AW Expert is the perfect solution to aid the fencing design process for both large and small properties, regardless of the land relief. As a result, whether laying out a new fence or simply renovating an existing one, you can see and modify the fence lines, choose the locations for different segment types, and select the placement of gates, wickets, and even the letter box. At the same time, AW Expert estimates the costs, which may also be attached to an application by the appropriate office. The design is printable as a report, which greatly simplifies order execution.


The essence behind our collections is the idea that the fence is an important element of a spatial environment. Each project is distinguished by a unique, well-thought-out design that matches the fence to the property. As a result, we obtain a harmonious style, whether through designs inspired by traditional metalwork, the classics or something modernistic, reflecting all current trends in architecture. This absolute freedom in styling helps emphasize the distinct and unique character of any property.


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