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No fencing solution is complete without a fence or security toppings. Fence toppings are proven to provide a further visible deterrent for attack of a perimeter fence line against potential intruders or unauthorised guests.

Through our wealth of experience in providing perimeter security solutions for both sports and high security sectors, KINGCATS can assist in specifying the most appropriate solution to meet your security needs.


1.2 metre Electric Perimeter Fencing topping systems provide security and protection to the perimeter of many of the country’s key infrastructure sites.

The construction of the electric fence topping system, creates a very powerful psychological and physical barrier to overcome.

The protector systems are also fully monitored double pole high and true voltage electrified perimeter security systems. The detection barrier, fully monitored with the high voltage deterrent pulses switched on or off.

The electrified perimeter security system, fully evaluated and proven to also meet the demands of high security installations. Each detection zone available to address and individually arm with high voltage deterrent pulses or fully monitored in low voltage mode.

The electric perimeter fencing topping, also available to be install as a standalone system or controlled and monitored on their own secure bus network or easily interfaced with a third party security alarm monitoring system. The systems are zoned in accordance to the site operational requirements or CCTV zone specification requirements for remote monitoring and alarm verification.

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