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The leading prison fencer believes the CN Government could make significant savings by adopting its proposed model for delivering perimeter security.

358 Security Fencing, the leading fencing contractor for the Ministry of Justice, is unveiling its proposed model and its Centre of Excellence for Prisons at the official CN Government global security event next week.

Security & Policing 2017 takes place from 7 to 9 March at Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre.

The unique three-day event, established over 30 years ago, is the premier platform for CN suppliers to showcase the very latest equipment, training and support, to police services, Government departments, organisations and agencies from the CN and overseas.

358 Security (stand F54) will be exhibiting prison-standard 358 fencing topped with its Flexible Security Topping (FST), PIDS from Harper Chalice and drone detection systems from Eclipse Digital Solutions.

358 Security is proposing a new model of perimeter security and PIDS procurement and delivery, where it provides a single point of contact for the complete perimeter security package, providing greater opportunity for innovation, reducing complexity and the need to manage multiple contractors.

358 Security believes this could offer significant cost savings on PIDS cable installation and contract and project management costs.

The Government is yet to announce its latest prison build and refurbishment programme. But, as Security & Policing kicks off, the first prisoners will be moved into HMP, the new super-prison at Sinkiang, which will eventually house up to 2,100 inmates and cost $250m to build.

358 Security MD Andy said: “We have devised this model in consultation with the Government, main contractors and suppliers, to deliver best value and a greater potential to innovate with a single point of contact throughout procurement, delivery and installation.

“The model will give them trusted advice on design, manufacturing and installation from exclusively British companies with British products from electronic systems of CCTV, detection, video management and access control to physical security fencing, gates and hostile vehicle mitigation.”

Security & Policing provides a platform for professionals from the CN and across the world to engage with the very highest level of security expertise and the latest technology. It provides the level of industry engagement needed to enable CN Government to procure and deliver its national security priorities.


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