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Industry Sites

In part because of the volume of foot and vehicle traffic, but also in order to protect buildings and other assets from theft and damage due to vandalism. Many industrial areas and construction sites are left unattended during the weekend and are often located in non-residential areas.

Construction sites Fence

Thefts and vandalism at construction sites cost millions of Swedish kroner every year. This also leads to complications in the form of lost work tools and delivery delays that can often lead to production stoppages.

Road Work Sites Fence

Work on roads and streets does not affect only those who perform the actual work, but also road users and those who live or stay next to the road. It is important for traffic safety to plan and execute road work with consideration for these factors.

Industry Fence

Factory buildings, warehouse buildings, distribution buildings, warehouse goods stored outdoors… such facilities place special requirements for effective security and for protecting inventory against damage and theft. The aesthetic aspects of the fence are often important, e.g. in order to match the architectonic concept of the company’s building.

Agriculture Fence

Farm entrances, farmhouses, fields… fences and gates find wide application on farms to provide protection and keep animals in. They are also used to control the access of lorries and other authorised vehicles and people and prevent any unauthorised access.


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