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Road Work Sites Fence

Work on roads and streets does not affect only those who perform the actual work, but also road users and those who live or stay next to the road. It is important for traffic safety to plan and execute road work with consideration for these factors. At the same time, planning and measures are required for meeting road workers’ requirements for safety and protection against collision, etc., but also to prevent theft of and damage to materials and machinery. The best road work site is the one that is completely free from passing vehicle traffic.

Collision protection

Collision protection is not used only for protecting those working on the roads, but also for warning and protecting passers-by, both cyclists and pedestrians, as well as motorists peopling our busy road network. Heavy barriers, barricades, bollards, and warning signs are all products that create a secure working environment at the same time as they warn and protect the general public.

Machine and material storage fence

Machine and storage fencing is often seen at road works in order to prevent theft of and damage to expensive machinery, but also of machinery. This may lead to interruptions in the road works that have a tight schedule. These interruptions are also expensive to correct. Mobile fencing and mobile gates provide a secure storage area that can easily be moved with the progress of the work.