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Golf Courses Fence

Entrance, external perimeter, car park for members, lanes… Perimeter protection products are an important element for the protection of all parts of a golf course. There is a need for protection of both certain areas from theft and vandalism and of the general public from incorrectly aimed golf balls.

Entrance and external perimeter

Even if golf courses very often do not need high security perimeter protection products, decorative fencing, railings, and gates are used to improve the appearance of the golf club and also to provide the necessary protection against theft and vandalism. An external fence such as fencing against wild animals can be used to prevent wild animals from damaging putting greens, etc.

Car parks for members

Theft and vandalism must be prevented in all car parks, but perimeter protection products such as parking bollards and collision protection products are used for preventing any damage to flower beds, trees, and lamp posts.
Access to the car park can be controlled with barriers, automatic bollards, and gates, whereas the perimeter can be secured with the decorative fencing and the railing.

Golf driving ranges and golf courses

High fencing is often seen here in the areas close to the general public in order to prevent incorrectly aimed golf balls from causing any damage to people, cars, and other property. The fencing that is used must prevent incorrectly aimed golf balls from leaving the playing range. This fencing is often very high and must be capable of withstanding the wind.