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Introduction As wildlife habitats shrink due to expanding human activities, conflicts between humans and wild animals have become increasingly common. Wildlife encroachments can result in damage to


As wildlife habitats shrink due to expanding human activities, conflicts between humans and wild animals have become increasingly common. Wildlife encroachments can result in damage to crops, property, and even pose risks to human safety. In order to mitigate these conflicts, effective measures need to be in place to prevent wildlife encroachments. One such measure that has proven to be highly effective is the installation of 358 welded wire fences. This article aims to explore the important role of 358 welded wire fences in preventing wildlife encroachments.

Understanding 358 Welded Wire Fence

358 welded wire fence, also known as anti-climb fence or prison mesh, is a type of high-security perimeter fencing. It is named after its specifications – 3″×0.5″ (76.2mm×12.7mm), with a wire thickness of 8 gauge (4mm). This tightly woven mesh is an ideal choice for preventing wildlife encroachments due to its unique characteristics.

Physical Barrier and Deterrent

One of the primary roles of 358 welded wire fence is to act as a physical barrier and deterrent to wildlife encroachments. The small mesh size and closely spaced wires make it extremely difficult for animals to penetrate or climb over the fence. It effectively prevents larger animals, such as deer and wild boars, from entering restricted areas, protecting crops and vegetation from being damaged.

Furthermore, the strong and rigid structure of the fence serves as a visual deterrent. Most wild animals are naturally cautious and will avoid areas that pose a potential threat, such as a sturdy fence. The presence of a 358 welded wire fence can psychologically deter animals from attempting to breach it, greatly reducing the likelihood of wildlife encroachments.

Durability and Longevity

Another key advantage of 358 welded wire fences is their durability and longevity. These fences are typically constructed from galvanized steel, making them resistant to rust, weather conditions, and physical damage. This ensures that the fences remain in good condition for an extended period, effectively preventing wildlife encroachments over time.

The durability factor is particularly important when dealing with large and persistent animals, such as bears or elephants. These animals may attempt to break through or damage fences that are weak or easily compromised. The strength and robustness of 358 welded wire fences make them highly reliable in keeping wildlife at bay.

Customizable and Environmentally Friendly

358 welded wire fences are also highly customizable, allowing them to be tailored to specific needs and environmental conditions. The fence height, for instance, can be adjusted depending on the type of wildlife that needs to be deterred. Electric wires or extensions can also be added to the fence to further enhance its effectiveness in deterring animals.

The Role of 358 Welded Wire Fence in Preventing Wildlife Encroachments

Moreover, these fences are environmentally friendly. Unlike traditional barbed wire or electric fences, 358 welded wire fences do not pose a threat to wildlife caught in it. The small mesh size ensures that wildlife does not get entangled or injured when they encounter the fence. This makes it a humane option for preventing wildlife encroachments without causing harm to the animals.


In conclusion, 358 welded wire fences play a vital role in preventing wildlife encroachments. They possess unique characteristics such as being a physical barrier, deterrent, and long-lasting. These fences are highly customizable to suit specific needs and are environmentally friendly. By installing 358 welded wire fences, we can effectively protect crops, property, and human safety from the increasing conflicts between humans and wildlife. Let us embrace this effective solution and coexist harmoniously with wild animals.


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